Changing Everything...

Windtech 12 kw Wind Turbine

Advanced in every aspect

Intelligent Tail Positioning with Computerized Automation and Angle-Optimization that self-adjusts to run safely at any wind speed.

Made locally

80% of our parts are sourced in the USA and 100% of products are assembled locally in Minnesota! 

quicker return on investment

Higher efficiency, lower wind speeds, more power, less maintenance. That's more money in your pocket!

most efficient in production today

Our ZCT turbines are over 30% more efficient, which leads to Sustainable Power Production even in low wind areas.

Break through Technology

Our patented Zero Contact Transmission (ZCT) is a unique system that eliminates contact friction - so we don't have wear, heat, noise and the need for lubricants.  This isn't just a new package, it's a whole new way of making power!

The first new technology in wind turbines in the last 50 years!