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No. 7,777,377

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How does ZCT technology in our wind systems help you?

our innovative technology:

zero contact transmission

Windtech, Inc. has an exclusive license for the small wind market on the patented ZCT technology developed by Future Force, LLC.  ZCT is a replacement for the traditional mechanical gear-driven and direct drive transmission.  This technology uses neodymium permanent magnets to transmit force between the input and output shafts. Because of the magnetic forces from the magnets (instead of gear-on-gear frictional force of conventional gears), there is no wear, friction, or lubrication needed for ZCTZCT offers the following benefits when compared to the traditional transmissions using gears, chains, or belts:
  • Nearly zero power loss from input to output shaft (over 98% efficiency)
  • No friction or heat build-up
  • No lubrication-filled gearbox to leak

Changing Everything...

Using ZCT technology in small wind turbines results in many significant benefits.  Traditional direct drive small wind turbines either require high speed winds to turn a large, heavy generator directly, or gear-driven turbines require a mechanical gearbox to convert the low speed rotation of the blades into high speed rotation required by the generator.

Conventional direct drive systems also require comparable, steady high winds to drive enough power to bring large, heavy, less efficient generators up to working speed, much less peak performance.

Wind turbines with traditional gear drive systems, require wind speeds in excess of 10 mph to generate even a fraction of the stated peak power output. The losses and inefficiencies of traditional gear drive systems demand higher start-up speeds and higher top-end speeds in order to overcome the frictional losses in traditional transmissions. In addition, lubrication heaters are needed in colder climates to keep the system operational when the wind is not blowing. Periodic maintenance is also a requirement to assure that overheating does not degrade the performance of the lubrication.

With our highly efficient ZCT technology, low wind speed start up and operation is a REALITY! With ZCT technology, there is no low wind speed power losses to friction because of its non-contact design. Likewise, ZCT enables our Windtech wind systems to utilize the lower wind speeds to more efficiently drive its multi-generator system. Because of ZCT, Windtech wind systems finally makes good on the industry's promise of sustainable low wind energy that is both EASY to attain and generates REAL cost savings. AND, IT CAN DO SO IN 50% OF THE UNITED STATES CURRENTLY CHARACTERIZED AS LOW WIND AREAS. No other company can effectively service these areas with their traditional technology wind turbines!